Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Story so far...

..... So I have been internet dating now for roughly two months and what a roller coaster it is becoming!
From BDSM and threesome invites, to men going off on one even before the date has even been set, it is certainly an eye opener into the world of internet dating.

Now internet dating seems to have quite a bad reputation in people's minds, as being a place to basically arrange sex with strangers.And whilst I have had some sexual offers suggested to me, the majority of men on there seem to genuinely be looking to date and eventually get into a relationship with someone. If you tell someone you are signed up to a dating website, you get a sort of 'poor thing' look from them. It is like you have exhausted attempting to date in the real world and you are now resorting to finding someone to date using the virtual realm. Some crazy cat lady spinster, who is so unlucky in love she has to resort to dating webistes like a sad act. However, more and more people are meeting through internet sites and lasting longer than those who haven't. If you think about it though, how is it that different from meeting someone on a night out? You are both strangers, but after chatting for a while you exchange numbers and then hope they text you the next day. Well with internet dating you get to know someone, exchange numbers and then arrange a date. Only difference is you're going in slightly blind to who they are. Although social networking websites reveal a lot about a person before you meet them. Sometimes can work to the potential dates disadvantage.I never add someone to my personal facebook account until a date is on the cards. It is doing marvels to my twitter account though! My followers are gradually going up. Anything to plug this blog I suppose :P

I was thinking the other day, (very dangerous now I am blonde), that internet dating is like an interview process. The dating profile is like you CV. After initially judging the person on their picture, (which, lets face it, looks are the first thing that will attract you to someone), you scroll down to read about them. After weighing up whether the profile appeals to you, you will either send a message to them, or will have received a message from them. Then after a few messages back and for, sussing them out, (the interview process), you will decide whether to commit to a date or not (securing the job). Maybe it is just me who can see the comparisons. Wouldn't be the first time I've thought something that no one else has agreed with o:) My friend Computer Geek proved my theory about the importance of a good profile though. I made a bet with him that, if he could get 5 girls to contact him, he would have to buy me a My Little Pony. A few weeks after we made the bet, he had only 2 people message him. I couldn't understand why he was getting such a low response rate. Then I saw his profile! His pictures were allof him with a pint in his hand, making him look like an alcoholic and his description was him waffling on about unimportant things.So after a few tweaks to his profile and making his description less boring, he is now getting a lot more messages and even a few phone numbers. RESULT! And I got a pink My Little Pony toy with rainbow hair :D I called her Princess Sparkle.

Whilst I have spoken to a lot of guys on there, only two have progressed to the phone number stage with me: Skater Boy and Blue Eyed Boy. I went on two dates with Skater Boy and whilst he is one of the good guys out there, it just didn't work out, (there is a blog about this to follow).  Blue Eyed Boy on the other hand has me intrigued. He is funny, feisty and good looking and we are going to go on our first date hopefully this Sunday. Also, Miss Koko has stalked his facebook page and cannot find anything bad about him either. It is weird, that even though we haven't met, there seems to be a spark between us that I haven't felt with anyone, since the BFG. He just seems to get me. It could all be an act of course, but my highly built defences seem to have dropped loads where he is concerned and, as my friends can vouch, this is a pretty big thing to happen to me. I have become fond of the defence I built up and for it to have been lowered so easily, with someone I have yet to meet is scary. Alike with Skater Boy, I have been able to be my complete self when conversing with Blue Eyed Boy. And so far the crazy hasn't scared him off. Lets just hope that we hit it off in reality, or it will be back to the drawing board and a massive glass of wine and a watching of Bridget Jones's Diary to remind me that spinsters can find love too.

So, for anyone thinking about online dating but unsure about it, I think you should go for it! You have nothing to lose and if nothing else you will have great stories of terrible dates and amusing messages from people to share with friends over a glass of wine. You also get to chat to and potentially meet some great guys and have fun going on dates. Or if they do not appeal to you, you just don't reply to their messages. However, always make sure you are safe when going on blind dates. I keep joking with Blue Eyed Boy that I am going to bring mace and a rape alarm on our date. But in reality, it is a pretty smart idea just in case :P

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x

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