Friday, 24 February 2012

So I want to Marry Ed Sheeran...

... and before you pass judgement, hear me out. I am not an obsessed teenage girl, or a so-called 'Sheeranator', who has wall after wall of my bedroom covered in posters of him. Nor do I practice writing Mrs Ed Sheeran on scraps of paper. Well, not since I was caught doing it anyway. The reason I want to marry Ed Sheeran is for the way he writes music. Any man who can write about love the way he does, whether a believed opinion or just able to portray emotions as poetically as he does, is definitely marriage material! Come on girls you must agree with me on this one?  He may only just have turned 21, but this man sure can write. It is rare in someone so young to be able to pull off a debut album like '+' and Ed Sheeran sure does with sales of 102,000 in the first week alone.

I, like many girls my age (23), was brought up with the romantic ideals of the Disney Princess generation. We have unrealistic expectations that men riding on white horses, will come and rescue us from whatever trapped tower, or evil step mother we find ourselves under the spell of. Although personally, I don't mind if my Prince Charming, whoever he is, turns up in a vintage car, as horses scare the shit out of me. But getting back to my point, I am a hopeless romantic at heart. It is sad but true. I like to be romanced and  made to feel like the only girl in the room. I actually enjoy getting butterflies and excited when I am around that special someone. If I go to the cinema with friends and we see a rom com, I am always the one to be found with mascara running down my face at the end of the movie and you can't even sit me in front of The Notebook without tears pouring down my face. Anyway, I digress again. Recently, I became single again after 2 years on and off with my first love, the BFG. Whilst it may sound lame to some people, whenever I am at an emotional cross - roads I always turn to music. Whether I am happy, sad, nervous or just in the mood for a good dance around my room, music has always been the cure for me. So in my post-break up blues, I turned to Ed Sheeran's album '+' and it seemed to have eased the post-break up pain. Whether he believes what he writes, or is just a bloody good lyricist, his songs speak to the soul and can't help make you smile. Whether a love song like 'Lego House' or two fingers up to the music industry who told him to change who he is in 'you need me, I don't need you', his music can't help but appeal to most listeners and brighten even the darkest days. However, my favourite track on the album has to be 'U.N.I'. For anyone who has ever had their heart broken you will know why this song is just beautiful! As I said I know I am a completely lame ass, but I stand by my theory that music cures everything or can go a long way towards finding the cure!

In school, me and my best friend, Miss Koko, used to have a theory that there was a song for every occasion in life. And I still believe this to be true. Memories get attached to songs and when you hear them they can make you smile and remember good times, or alternatively, make you reflect on the past. Everytime I hear Bob Sinclair's - Rock this Party, I am reminded of Miss Koko doing some weird pelvic thrust dance, on the dancefloor in our local dump of a nightclub, (it is funnier in the flesh, as she is mentally challenged when drunk and dancing or when participating on the Just Dance game for the Wii. I am so dead when she reads this!) Last Summer by the LostProphets, reminds me of when all my friends passed their driving tests in the summer of our AS Level year at school and we would go cruising along the beach front of our sleepy home town, with this tune belting over the airwaves. I suppose that is why, when people get married they choose a first song to dance to. Something that when you hear it, it transports you back to that magical day.

Anyway, I have completely gone off topic. Basically I want to marry Ed Sheeran because any man who can speak to this hopeless romantic girl's soul is defo marriage material. So I shall leave you with a link to 'Drunk', just because the music video made me laugh when I first saw it:

Peace out
Random Quirky Girl x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I'm definately a tosser...

... when it comes to making pancakes! I think Pancake day is one of the better holiday created by the Christian Community. Regardless of how it has lost its original meaning, much like Christmas and Easter, it is a day that allows you to gorge on everything that is bad for you and in return you "give something up" for 40 days and 40 nights the next day. I think this is a fair exchange, so every year, after stuffing my face full of pancakes, I give them up for 40 days. I know what you're thinking - how on earth do I give them up year in, year out? It is a struggle, but somehow I manage to find the strength to succeed! Although last year my housemates were really cruel and had pancakes the next day to use up the batter mixture! I was not impressed to say the least when they mockingly ate them in front of me.

Another reason why I love pancake day is that you are socially justified in eating dessert as a main course. My favourite element of a meal is dessert, but when you are in a restaurant,for example, you're often too full from getting past the starter and main course hurdles, that dessert often gets neglected. I had this conversation with my ex, the BFG, and he tended to disagree as he was a starters man - (this should have been the first sign that we were never going to work!) but one date night we went to see the Robert Pattinson film "Remember Me" in the cinema. There is a scene in the film, for those who have not seen it, where Tyler (Robert Pattinson) and Ally (Emilie de Ravin) are on a dinner date, and Ally's character asks the waiter to bring her dessert first. I had a eureka moment at this point as it reaffirmed what I have always believed - that dessert should be eaten first. My perfect menu order in a restaurant would be dessert, starters and lastly the main meal. However, unlike Ally in the film, I do not have the balls to ask for my dessert first. I did however, make a new years resolution to do more things that scare me this year, so maybe this could be one of them!

Peace out
Random Quirky Girl x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Let's get this party started!

Well, it is about time I write my first blog post I suppose. The blog page has been created for nearly a month now and little has been done to it, so I think it is about time I got down to business and start bombarding cyberspace with my randomness! I have gone over this momentous occasion many times, and in my head come up with all the weird and wonderful ways it should be written and in the style it should come across. Should I open by being awkwardly funny? or by explaining what prompted me to become a blogger? Is it better to write formally or write as I would speak! Even reading that back I'm sure my old English teacher would have a fit at my use of the English language! You would never tell that I have an A Level in English and a degree in Law, by the state of my writing. When I sat down and thought about my proposed plans, I ended up sounding like a bit of a twat! I probably still do now, but nevermind! So once I hit publish I will officially lose my blogging virginity, and much like the much anticipated occasion of actually losing your viriginity, I will probably look back and think what was the fuss all about? Why had I built up publishing my first blog so much in my head? So here goes.... I'm hitting publish! Peace out - Random Girl x