Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Let's get this party started!

Well, it is about time I write my first blog post I suppose. The blog page has been created for nearly a month now and little has been done to it, so I think it is about time I got down to business and start bombarding cyberspace with my randomness! I have gone over this momentous occasion many times, and in my head come up with all the weird and wonderful ways it should be written and in the style it should come across. Should I open by being awkwardly funny? or by explaining what prompted me to become a blogger? Is it better to write formally or write as I would speak! Even reading that back I'm sure my old English teacher would have a fit at my use of the English language! You would never tell that I have an A Level in English and a degree in Law, by the state of my writing. When I sat down and thought about my proposed plans, I ended up sounding like a bit of a twat! I probably still do now, but nevermind! So once I hit publish I will officially lose my blogging virginity, and much like the much anticipated occasion of actually losing your viriginity, I will probably look back and think what was the fuss all about? Why had I built up publishing my first blog so much in my head? So here goes.... I'm hitting publish! Peace out - Random Girl x

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