Monday, 28 October 2013

Number 10 - Do something random

So last Monday I completed number 10 on my list. Now those following the list will realise that number 10 on my list was "tbc". However, with the help of Miss Red Star number 10 became:

                                                                 "Do something random."

And with that in mind I went segwaying!!!!

I wasn't sure what to expect when Miss Red Star asked me if I would like to be her plus one, but my God it was soooo much fun!!!!! Miss Red Star's Mum had got her a gift voucher for two for Christmas. The company we went through was We booked into the Chepstow branch and got ready to get our segway on. After a quick train and taxi journey we arrived ready for action!

The view was pretty cool as it was in an old quarry and the Instructors were definitely eye candy material! I mean.... they looked like they were very qualified in the art of segway. Who am I kidding? They were total eye candy, although me and Miss Red Star differed our opinion on the guy who lead our group around.

We were lucky as there were only 4 of us in our group: Me and Miss Red Star and a couple in their late 50s/ early 60s. They were pretty reckless for the older generation! They were falling off and jumping back on, going down hill backwards and racing round us, whilst me and Miss Red Star attempted to make the Segway move forward.

Anyway, here are a few pictures on the day:

                           The Look of Terror on my face. I was travelling
                                                                                    about 2 miles an hour at this point! Shamed!!!!!
                               Me and Miss Red Star posing. I kept going backwards! No idea why
                                                                Acting all Thug life yo!

               We had to guess who would fall off first - Turns out Miss Red Star was nearly right!

The weirdest thing about segwaying was getting the balance right. It was much easier to go backwards, or maybe I just have a natural backwards centre of gravity. But once you got the hang of it it was quite easy. I had a near fall, which could have potentially broken my ankle. If you fall off balance you need to fall backwards, because if you fall forward the segway continues to move forward. You move the Segway based on the pressure in your feet. More pressure forward on your toes and it moves forward and to go backward you need to move the pressure into your heels. So naturally, being my clumsy self, I fell forward and went to put my foot down in front of the Segway. Could have been game over and a nice trip in an Ambulance to Hospital but luckily I fell off balance backwards and stopped myself from falling off. Always a drama!

I would highly recommend going segwaying and I will be recommending it for our next team building day out in work! Such a good laugh and some really funny memories made. Cheers Miss Red Star for helping me tick something off the list! Won't be forgetting this day in a hurry :)

So the list as it stands now:

                                                   1. Transformation/ make-over
                                                   2. New Tattoo
                                                   3. Move Out
                                                   4. Do something that scares me
                                                   5. Lose Weight
                                                   6. Travel somewhere
                                                   7. Visit my half-sister
                                                   8. Write 2 closure letters to the ex's who hurt me the most
                                                   9. Make something
                                                  10. Do something random

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x