Thursday, 25 October 2012

Dating Little Boy Blue

So, I have been on two dates with Blue Eye Boy (BeB) and thought a blog was due. Now, normally I am not cautious when blogging, as I know the guy won't end up reading it, so I can't really offend him. With BeB it is different as he knows about my blog and has also read some of the entries. He also knows I will be blogging about him and on the surface he is fine with it. So, with that in mind, I better not be too critical of him or there might not be a third date. He will only text me anyway telling me I am an "asshat". (Apparently this is an insult :S I had never heard of it before and even when he explained it to me, it didn't make sense. But I have been called a lot worse in the past, so I won't complain too much).

So it was decided for our first date that we would go for a few cocktails in Cardiff and get to know one another a little better. BeB thought it would be a fun idea to keep the venue a surprise. Now, like a lot of people out there, I hate surprises. So I asked for a clue to the bar we were going to. I got the clue "the name uses alliteration". Time to get into detective mode. I adopted my Sherlock Holmes hat and magnifying glass in hand I entered 'Bars in Cardiff' into google search and a website popped up with a list of every bar in the Cardiff area. Well that was easier than I thought! Starting alphabetically, I worked my way through the list, sending my guesses to him. However, none of them were right. Cue my puzzled face and onset wrinkles as I pondered over what it could be. Then, as I was falling asleep that night "Pica Pica" came to mind and as it turned out, this night premonition proved to be the location of our first date. I was relieved to find out where we were going just to make sure I dressed appropriately. There is nothing worse than walking into a nice place and looking very out of place. So we met at Cardiff Central.. and he was late. Considering I had to travel into Cardiff and he was already in Cardiff, you think he would have been on time! (Although in fairness I missed the first train by a minute so might have been 20 minutes late myself.... but still, you should never keep a lady waiting). So we wondered over to Pica Pica and straight away the banter started. He was instantly easy to be around. As we arrived at Pica Pica we had a minute to spare before happy hour cocktails ended. So we took advantage of this and ordered two cocktails - a dirty sanchez and a french martini - quite girly looking in a cosmo glass. ( for the full menu). Now like a gentleman, BeB paid for the drinks. Normally, the mini feminist in me would have objected to his paying for them, but she was surprisingly quiet and just let him do it. She must have been having an off day or something as normally there is no stopping her, or maybe I am just mellowing in my old age. So we grabbed a table and got chatting. It was just so effortless with him. We spoke about everything and anything. Even him being homeless (sorry had to include it as it still makes me laugh). He isn't really homeless. He just had to move back home whilst the paperwork on his flat is being completed. But I was a very nice date and offered to lend him my super cool Cath Kidston stripey teepee tent so he would be a stylish hobo, but he declined. I think it was the fact that the flag got stolen in Reading Festival 2010 that stopped him going for it :( sad times. Anyway, I digress. So it was decided another round was in order before I had to head home. I got to choose again and this time I ordered a Zombie, just because it sounded cool. This time I went up to pay, but he stopped me and went over to charm the bar lady into making us more cocktails. I was getting quite tipsy at this point, so I was quite conscious about going from tipsy to drunk as I am a bit of a light weight. Also I don't think it is makes a very good impression being drunk on a first date... unless the date is horrific and it is the only way to get through it. However, the date was going well and I wanted to remember it. Then the Zombie happened! I do not know what it was about this drink, but walking back to the train station, I realised I was quite drunk. Maybe it was mixing all the different spirits, but this one was destroying my tipsy state, so much so that I had the worst headache on the way home and I swear the train was spinning at one point. Either that or BeB slipped something into my drink ... he has the potential to be shifty like that. Anyway, it was time for me to head home and BeB walked me back to the station. After a brief hug, I zig zagged back to the train platform. Before we parted he asked me for a second date and I told him he had to read my blog to find out my answer. Now we all know that I am a pretty rubbish blogger for posting, so the next day I put him out of his misery and agreed to a second date.

So, the second date was pretty similar to that of Skater Boy and we went to the cinema. Now, you would have thought I would have learnt from my mistakes and chosen the film this time, but yet again I let the man decide. However, this time I was crafty and booked our tickets in advance (mainly so I could pay for them :D, the feminist was more switched on this time). So we made our way to Cineworld to see the film "Looper" and in fairness it was a pretty good film. Although, there was a bit where a hobo came out of the long grass and I was weak with laughter for about 15 minutes, which made BeB sulk like a little girl. Men can be so funny about being laughed at for being a hobo. Anyway, I did my usual cinema test and waited to see if he would make a move. Beforehand, he had joked that he would do the yawn and lean move on me during the film. Sadly, he wussed out and didn't do it (although it would have probably set me off laughing again at the sheer cheesiness of the move, so maybe it was a good thing). However, he did make a move. About half way through the movie he started to fidget and the next thing I knew, his hand had rested on my arm, which led to holding hands and him playing with my friendship bracelet on my wrist (which broke today after 2 and a half years on my wrist, so I am totally blaming him for weakening it). It may sound really teenage and gooey, but that gesture was much more romantic than if he had gone in for a grand gesture. It is the little things that count I think. After the movie we decided to head down the Bay to the Red Dragon Centre for a game of pool and air hockey before he dropped me home. (This was another small gesture that meant a lot as dropping me home was just adding to his already long journey back to Ebbw Vale). He beat me at pool, but I whooped his ass at air hockey, so I left feeling a bit smug. On the drive home the chatter continued and he pointed out his old and new flat down the Bay and it was all just so relaxed. Now, I am not the best person when it comes to directions and I had warned him I would probably end up getting us lost on the way home, but when it came down to it, it was the route home from Chepstow, so I knew it pretty well from window gazing when Mum drove home. However, BeB didn't believe me and actually got his iPhone 5 out and double checked. This did not impress me as it was just drive straight like I kept saying. Man points were deducted for that! So after getting home with my faultless directions, we pulled up outside mine and shared a cheeky goodbye kiss. However, it was a bit hurried as what he didn't know was that I was busting for the loo, so it must have seemed like I was running away straight after the kiss, but it was either leave or pee myself and I knew which one I could live with more. However, I walked/ran through the door with a massive smile on my face and after a quick loo stop had an inquisition from my Mum and Moo about my date.

So we have been texting again now for the past week and a preliminary third date has been set for this Saturday. However, things have seemed a little weird between us since the second date. I can't really explain why, but there is this weird vibe when we text, but that could just be me reading into something that isn't there. So this third date, I suppose will determine whether there is something actually there or not. I quite like him, but there is still that insecure little voice at the back of my mind warning me not to get hurt by another guy. Although, after reading this I might find myself back in the sea with all the other fish. Then I won't have to worry about anything apart from turning into a crazy cat lady. (This is not far off as I have a rocking chair, I can knit (kind of) and I get my kitten Millie on Sunday so the dream could be a reality soon :p )
Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x