Monday, 10 September 2012

Someone has been taking 50 Shades of Grey too seriously...

Now for anyone who has used Plenty of Fish, the general consensus seems to be that it is just a sex site. Whilst this can be the case for some people, (I have been asked to join in in two threesomes, two dominatrix have asked to "corrupt" me and one guy told me last night that I need to invest in a helmet, as he is going to put me through the headboard), there are some genuinely amazing guys on there too. So don't be put off by the odd guy pushing his luck to see if you will sleep with him. I have spoken to some amazing guys and I feel they need to be defended, as they are on there for genuine romantic reasons, rather than a quick 'how's your father' and you will never hear from them again.

However, when looking at guys profiles on the site, quite a few are buying into the 50 shades character 'Christian Grey', using it as their profile names, occupations and even putting it in their 'about me'. Now I have read the 50 Shades trilogy and I can't say I was overly impressed with them. The sex scenes were ridiculous and by the third book I just skipped them as they started to get boring. It was like I was becoming desensitised to the "kinky" sex scenes and wishing the writer would just get on with the story, rather than padding out the book with yet another sex scene. Speaking to some of my friends who have also read the books, they tended to agree with me. Whilst the character of Christian Grey can seem appealing to a woman, I mean he is described as being incredibly good looking and rich to boot - he is just that, a fictional character in a book. But men seem to be under the impression that these books have inspired women to be sexual deviants. Whilst there may have been an increase in women looking into a bdsm kind of lifestyle after reading the books, I still think these women are in the minority and rather than the majority.

So the first dom to message me was really polite about it. He asked me if I had ever thought of getting into a bdsm relationship and answered my questions about how he got started in that lifestyle. He didn't badger me when I rejected his offer and was just very polite. I'm sure it is a different matter in the bedroom though :P

The second dom was a little more persistant. He said he wanted to corrupt me as I looked like a good girl and it would be amazing to spank me. I decided again to question him and have a bit of fun at the same time. NOT in that way, just by being a little bit cheeky and sarcastic with my responses. Here is an extract of some of our messages:

Me: So how does this sub/ dom thing normally work then? x

Dom: It intrigues you? I would ld be discreet. Don't be shy x

Me: Not really, but in order to get the full picture of the kind of thing you are into it would be rude not to ask x

Dom: Ha true. I'm not some crazy kinky nut job. I'm easy going and laid back. Good fun, but I do have some kinks, I like the idea of corrupting someone like yourself, discreetly of course. Do as I say behind closed doors, although any boundaries and no go areas would be discussed prior to any "play". Google bdsm. X

Me: Do I look like I need corrupting then? x

Dom: Perhaps, you may think you don't but you're probably a little naive. I have experience, would love to open your eyes to the potential excitement the lifestyle brings. It wouldn't be full on btw, I lead a busy life and have other interests, I'm just kinky x

Me: Well if I ever decide to open my eyes to the world of bdsm then I will be sure to let you know x

Dom: I would love to train and corrupt you, turn you into a bad girl. Are you a good girl?

               I'd treat you well, but also punish you. Spanking you would be delicious x

Me: yeah but I bruise really easily so this wouldn't work out well for me x

Ok so the formatting isn't aligning properly, but you get the jist. More messages were exchanged but unfortunately, our conversations have now stopped as I wouldn't give him my number.  It always amused me getting a new message from him though. I never knew what he would come out with next. I don't think I would make a very good sub though, as I hate being told what to do and as far as I can tell that is the whole point of being a submissive. So I won't be playing the Ana Steele to his Christian Grey scenario. But I am sure there are women out there who will do, so I doubt he will be playing alone for long...

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x

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