Wednesday, 29 August 2012

All the Single Ladies...

So I have been a very lazy blogger recently and I would like to apologise for that. Whilst my written word has been silent, I have been busily researching a direction in which to take my blog...

It is actually due to my trip to Norway with Miss Red Star, Miss Burlesque and Miss Wayne's World, that I got the inspiration in which I shall be blogging about from now on. I will still add random ones as and when I think about them, but for the time being this new plan will be the main focus of my blog. I can hear you thinking, "what the fuck is she rabbiting on about, just get on with it already", but all, my dear reader, is about to be revealed :)

So myself and the girls were chilling out round the dinner table in Norway after another successful food -poison free meal, (I am known to food poison people easily with my cooking skills), with glasses full of wine and discussing some horrendous dating experiences. In fairness, we all seemed to have it easy compared to Miss Burlesque. She had some crackers. For example, on a date with an accountant, (who kept dropping in to conversation that he made £80,000 after tax, yet still lived at home with his parents), he ended up asking to split the bill with her. She had had wine (something which I think was necessary to get through the night with him) and he did not, so he felt it was only fair to pay for what they had actually had. The bill was £25 in total for the two of them!!!!! Major cheapskate if you ask me. I am all for equality etc. but when you have spent the night bragging about your earnings, rather ungentlemanly, then I think it is only fair that you pay. Another example of one of her dating disasters was when she was texting this guy to meet up and he text her one day to say that he was signed off work for a week and intended to spend his time furiously masturbating in his room. He then wondered why she wasn't interested anymore.... So the question had to be asked how she was meeting all these weirdos. She replied - online dating. It was a light bulb moment (ironically my nickname on that trip, light bulb not moment) and I thought that this was something I could get involved with and blog about. Now I haven't really done Miss Burlesque's horror dates justice, as at the time we were all weak with laughter, but If I tried to recreate the story telling, it would be too long for the blog. But as a single lady, I thought it could be fun blogging about my experiences in the realm of online dating.

When I got home, I signed up to Plenty of Fish (as this was the site Miss Burlesque used) and updated a very, very old Hot or Not profile. And my god has it been an eye opening experience. I have so far been offered 2 threesomes, 2 bdsm invitations, (apparently I look like the type of girl to be corrupted according to this one guy. I just think he has believed the 50 shades hype too much), a lesbian tried to get me to bat for a more female only team and just general sleazeballs. However, I must also note that I have spoken to some genuinely nice men on there too. Although, if another man opens with the line, "Hi, I just wanted to let you know how beautiful you are", I may vomit! Be more original as I am not the kind of girl who is easily flattered by compliments.

So for now I aim to blog about my experiences :) This experiment could turn out to be a total disaster and I'll go back to just chatting shit, but as a single lady this could be a bit of fun to spice up my rather dull life and who knows - I could just meet the 'one'! Yeah I got the giggles at this thought to!!!

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x

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