Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Single Girls To Do List

I am a sucker for a good romance novel and secretly I think most girls are. That little bit of romantic escapism after a long day at work, knowing that you will be transported to a world where the girl gets the guy and everyone lives happily ever after.... *swoon* They are my guilty pleasure and I am loud and proud about it!

So in my quest for my next escapist hit, I borrowed a book from my Sister's room called "The Single Girl's To-Do List". Now, before you jump to conclusions it is not a self-help book for spinsters, it is actually a well written piece of chick lit by the author Lindsey Kelk. Although, I am sure there are those out there who will never believe any chick lit is well written... read it and see for yourself.

The story is based around a make-up artist called Rachel Summers, who gets dumped by her boyfriend Simon, so with the aid of her two best friends and a lot of alcohol in a pub, writes a list of 10 things she must do by her Father's wedding in 2 weeks time, to embrace her newly single life. The book leads the character on various adventures, from a new image to a trip to Canada to reunite with her first love. But eventually she ends up falling in love with a very hunky photographer called Dan.

Now I know it is just a book and therefore created in someone's imagination, but I get bored quite easily and so after finishing the book, I started thinking about what I would put on a list if I had one. So I sat down and wrote a list and by number 9 I thought, fuck it! Why not give it a go? What have I got to lose? So that is what I have decided to do! But unlike in the book I have set a target of 6 months instead of two weeks, mainly because I work and I am not stupidly rich, nor a character in a book. I had to be more realistic about it sadly :(

               So here is my single girl's to-do list:

                                                   1. Transformation/ make-over
                                                   2. New Tattoo
                                                   3. Move Out
                                                   4. Do something that scares me
                                                   5. Lose Weight
                                                   6. Travel somewhere
                                                   7. Visit my half-sister
                                                   8. Write 2 closure letters to the ex's who hurt me the most
                                                   9. Make something
                                                  10. (not yet thought of)

So, I have until the 1st March to get all of this achieved (and think of a tenth thing to do). It is not in list order but can be chosen at random and I have spoken to some friends who said they will help me out with some things on my list. I will of course blog about it too as what's the point in telling you about the list, if you never hear about it again? You might also notice that there is nothing of a romantic nature on the list. I have decided to stop looking for 'the one' and just wait for him to find me! Doesn't mean I will live like a Nun until that magical day, but I also won't actively search him out either. What will be will be and all that jazz!

So watch this space! This single lady is on a mission

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x

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