Saturday, 28 September 2013

It's just.... a little crush...

So, on Thursday I was making my way home from work. It was just like every other Thursday, nothing special. I was catching up with my friend Silver Fox and we were putting the world to rights on our train ride home from work. I get off at Bridgend and start my usual strut down the platform, pretending it is a runway and I am the latest, hottest Model about town. I get about half way down when my eyes catch the eyes of a beautiful looking guy. Brown hair hidden under a baseball cap, nose ring (which always make my knees weak when I see a guy with one) and you just knew he had a few cheeky tattoos hidden under his clothing. It was like a bomb went off based on the spark that ignited when our eyes collided.

So I text the Silver Fox to tell him I had just practically eye fucked some guy still on the train. His response, after some laughter at my dramtics, was to suggest i write to the rush hour crush section in theMetro. I laughed at this crazy notion but the next day, I found myself picking up the Metro for the first time in ages.

So that is what we did on the train journey to work on Friday, with a little help from the Silver Fox. My advert reads:

"You, nose ringed hipster, me, dizzy blonde with purple dips. Our eyes meet as i got off the 18.26 swansea  train at bridgend. Drink some time? "

I really do not expect, firstly for it to be printed, or secondly for a response, but it has kept me amused!

So keep your eyes peeled, as I know I will be.

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x

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