Tuesday, 13 November 2012

You're so spexy....

... So recently I have started to notice that I am becoming more and more attracted to guys who wear glasses. There is no pattern to what the guy physically looks like, but the addition of glasses seems to get the blood pumping and the heart racing more than it used to. I first noticed this strange new attraction when I went to see the new Bond film - Sky Fall, with Larry. The actor who plays Q (Ben Whishaw) is not your typical heart throb, but I couldn't help but drool when he appeared on screen. Larry couldn't resist mocking me for my sudden lust for this man and claimed that the only reason I fancied him was because he wore glasses. LIES I announced! I fancy him because he is a hottie. So... when I got home I proceeded to do a very teenage girl thing and google imaged the actor to see more pictures of him in his sexy specs and to prove to Larry that he was wrong. Unfortunately, it seems he isn't a speccy in real life and my instant attraction to him faded very fast. It was the loss of the spectacles that lost this lady her lust and annoyingly proved Larry right. Yes Larry, I am admitting you were right, so print this off and frame it, as I will never admit it again.

Then last night I was having a girly catch up at Miss Koko's house and I told her the premise of my latest blog. To my surprise she said she agreed with me, (which is really shocking as most the time we don't agree on things when it comes to men.) She agreed that the addition of glasses on a man suddenly made him even hotter. She told me that her boyfriend doesn't like wearing his glasses, so sticks to his contact lenses when out and about, but she thinks that when he wears his glasses it makes him look super sexy as he looks really intelligent and smart in them. Hurrah! I am not alone in this speccy loving. I then told her how I felt the same about BeB. On our last date he changed from his contact lenses into his glasses to drive me home and although I find him attractive without his glasses on, when he put them on it was like a chorus of angels started singing and here was this even hotter guy standing before me. So naturally, we then got chatting about famous people in glasses and the first person we both said was Superman. As Clark Kent he is so much hotter, than when he is saving the world as Superman and the only difference, (apart from the spandex and cape) is the loss of his glasses. See...

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Ok, so technically I could have found a picture of Dean Cain with his top on wearing glasses, but where would the fun be in that? He was probably the first bespectacled guy that most girls thought was worthy of being a poster on their bedroom walls or the beginning of a school girl crush at tea times, (as that is when I remember watching Superman on BBC 2 whilst eating dinner).

So after another google search (god bless google), it seems that glasses on men are becoming quite the fashion accessory. Images of Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt, but to name a few, all popped up wearing glasses and looking H.O.T. However, images of George Bush, Heston Blumenthal and Kanye West also popped up with their glasses on and my theory failed. I was not attracted to them at all. In fact it grossed me out a bit and seemed to burst the glasses loving bubble momentarily. I reasoned that maybe it is due to the fact that I am not attracted to them without glasses on, so the addition of glasses did nothing for me, but whatever it was my feet stayed firmly on the ground. However, Women too seem to be wearing glasses more and more. Gone is the stereotyping of glasses as being geeky and a massive NO NO and enter the age where geek chic is in and even public "icons" (can't say she is one of mine), like Victoria Beckham are embracing the specs and even designing their own ranges. So it got me thinking about whether the reverse is true? Put a girl in a pair of glasses and does she become hotter? Instantly, the stereotypical slutty School Girl or Librarian look came to mind, where the women seductively perch the glasses on the end of their nose and maybe bites her lip and this seems to send men crazy. However, in reality, I am not sure the same can be said. Thinking of how I look in my glasses, I would say that it is not the hottest look. Whether I am in my massive geek chic glasses or my sensible "smarter" glasses, I think I just look the same but with less of a squint due to actually being able to see. I suppose it depends on the woman wearing the glasses as to whether she becomes hotter or not.

Now those sad people (like myself), who love watching the X Factor will have noticed that when it comes to the make overs before the live shows, glasses never appear on a contestant. For example, James Arthur this year entered the competition with some amazing overly large glasses, but cut to the live shows and they have never appeared on stage. Even Gary Barlow pointed out that he seemed to have lost a little of his identity due to the make over process. I can't say I fancy James Arthur as he reminds me of my brother, but he certainly looks better with his glasses on as it completes his quirkier look, so long live the glasses I say!!!!!

Now, I am sure I am not alone in this love of a bespectacled men and I am certainly going to embrace the four eyed look (being a glasses wearer myself I can say that without it being an insult). But how many of you out there are secret speccy lovers? I think it is time to speak out and be proud of this slightly quirky love! so shout it from the rooftops! I LIKE MEN WHO WEAR GLASSES! See doesn't it feel better admitting it out loud?

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x

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