Saturday, 3 November 2012

Introducing Millie Rose

So, last Sunday I finally won the war with the Mother and got to finally finish the transformation into a crazy cat lady by becoming a Mum to a 7 week old Kitten. I already had the rocking chair and I can knit a basic stitch, but all that was missing was the kitty.

Now anyone who follows me on Twitter (@rndmquirkygirl) is probably sick to death of hearing about Millie. From the moment I knew I was getting her, pictures have been tweeted and status updates have spammed  everyone's news feeds. I promise that once the novelty has worn off, so will the over-tweeting. But in her defence she is freaking cute. She is a little shit when hyper or attacking myself or the laptop, but when all sleepy and cwtchy, she is the cutest kitten ever. (I know I am bias, but when you see her pics you will agree too. She has even won people over who are more dog people than cat people).

So... here is Millie Rose

She can be very timid when she wants to be, but a nightmare when hyper. Although at night she properly snuggles up to you... until she wants to play and then there is no rest for the wicked. I feel like a zombie due to the lack of sleep when she wakes at 5am and wants to attack everything. By 6am she falls back to sleep, whilst I am wide awake. It is what I imagine having to do night feeds for new borns is like. We also have a 7 year old cat Poppy, who is finding it hard to adjust with the menace that is Millie. I could watch the two of them interact for hours, as it is very amusing watching a tiny kitten try and attack a grown female cat. Over time I am sure they will be fine together, but right now there is still a little tension between them.

Right I have to cut this blog short as Millie has just woken up and decided to attack my dress and the laptop as she is not getting my full attention. I predict she is going to be a little diva cat!!!

Peace out
Random Quirky Girl x

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