Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The other woman in my boyfriend's life is his x box one

Now I am sure I am not alone in this feeling that your other half would rather spend time playing with his/her x box one (other consoles available) and online "friends" than spend quality time with you, but my question is why do we put up with this shit?

I have been unwell today and off work as a result. It took a pity text from me, bearing in mind we are in the same house and living together for nearly a year, for him to come up and pay me any attention and after less than 2 hours, his x box one called and he buggered off again. If this is what the rest of my life is set to look like, then I am better off being single? Dramatic I know, but I am at the end of  my tether and potentially the end of this relationship.

This isn't an isolated event either. The other night he gets a text from one of his friends asking him to game. We rarely spend any time together due to conflicting work schedules and all I wanted to do was enjoy the sunshine outside, as it is a rare event in the UK, whereas he is hell bent on getting home and playing with his friends online. Whilst I appreciate that due to his works rota and living in a different city to where he works that he isn't able to see his friends as often, but for once it would have been nice for him to choose us instead of the x box. Especially as he spends his days off on the x box one and I spend at least one of mine, cleaning the house and making sure things are nice for us when he gets home.

I am a little proud of the fact however. that I have managed to get my cats on my side with regards to the x box one hating. A few months ago my youngest cat Lilly went through a bout of having an upset stomach. As a result she left a tiny poo on the x box one. A part of me was jealous that I had not thought of this ingenious plan first, but I was also a proud Mum of what the little minx had managed to do. Needless to say he shouted at her for her crimes, but I rewarded her later with cuddles and treats to let her know it was appreciated.

And now I am blogging about my woes to a world of strangers and believe me when I type that I know I sound like a moaning woman, when there are more important things happening in the world, but this is what my life has become. My question is whether I am happy to settle for a life of second best or whether I decide to go it alone again with Millie and Lilly and find that person who will put me before that of a machine. The saying goes that opposites attract, but maybe in this case we are too opposite....

Peace Out
Random Quirky Girl x